Popularity of Online Education

Online degrees where once considered to be an unusual course of study for those who were not in the military. This has changed dramatically. In fact, individuals often choose online education over class room education for a multitude of reasons. Many individuals, even students just out of high school, are choosing to earn their degrees online. This is likely do to a variety of social and economic issues plaguing our era and the country.The Financial ChoiceWhile most online educations are not necessarily any less expensive than in class courses, the option for online education may be necessary for those who have to work to support themselves and their family. Even the younger students in the United States often have to take on full time jobs to support themselves or families thanks to a tough economy. This does not leave any time for school in their day. This having been said, they often have no choice but to take online courses so that they can make enough money at a full time job to support themselves. Gone are the days of being able to go off to college full time for many individuals.The Schedule ChoiceIndividuals are busy today. Everyone seems to be overcommitted in one way or another. Whether the student is working full time or has many family responsibilities, it can be a challenge to attend classes while trying to keep up with those commitments. Online education may be the only way to continue their education while keeping all other responsibilities in check. In addition, transportation may be an issue. Instead of having to leave your children to go to a classroom, parents can save the gas money and work from home with the kids tucked into bed. This is a big deal for many parents today.Setting the PaceThe ability for students to set their own educational pace is a big draw when it comes to online education. Students can often choose between a semester based education or an at your own pace education. This allows them the freedom to work at a pace that works for the individual student and their life. Additionally, it keeps them from being overwhelmed with studies and giving up having to choose between family, work and the educational courses they have chosen.

How Has Facebook Transformed Online Gaming?

The online gaming world has definitely changed since Facebook were introduced. People have always gone online looking for card games such as solitaire and matching games such as Mahjong. With the popularity of offline systems such as PlayStation and Xbox, new online games such as Mario Brothers have been inspired as well. Players have even taken to online social/strategy games because of the social interaction they allow with other players from around the world.When Facebook started offering apps that could only be played with members to the site, the online world of gaming changed significantly. The biggest change was the demographic attracted to them. While online games were once favored by teenagers, suddenly adults in their thirties and forties where playing Facebook games as well. With time, even the older demographics started taking them in.Today, these were enjoyed by stay-at-home parents and grandmothers. Millions of people log onto Facebook to play games while at work, with many more playing them throughout their daily life through smart phones. Online world suddenly became popular with all people, regardless of age, location or educational background. This wider audience for games online can be credited largely to the influence of Facebook.Facebook also made social interaction more attractive. Since Facebook is a social networking platform, all of the game apps featured on the site includes some type of social engagement. For example, Bejeweled players can post their fastest times on their pages and encourage their friends to beat them. Frontierville players can visit one another’s farms to cut down trees, plant crops, or milk the cows. There is always a way for people to connect and have fun together, no matter how old they are in the real world.Facebook has led to an influx of online games related to farming. Many of the original Facebook games, such as Farmville, dealt with farming. Frontierville and Farmville remain two of the most popular games on that social networking platform. You can find many other games outside of Facebook now related to farming. They do not all have the social interaction that is naturally built into Facebook, but there is a clear demand for this type of game.Currently, another type of Facebook game is starting to trend throughout the online gaming world. Facebook has a few games centered on cooking, and those are becoming quite popular outside of Facebook as well. Games that allow players to set up their own restaurants or pizzerias are now quite popular. Of course, due to the influence of social networking, many of the players for these games are older adults.Gaming online is no longer just for teenagers. Adults are experiencing the pleasure of interaction on them that allow them to build farms, run restaurants, and build families online. The demographics for online games have changed so much that you could say everyone the world over loves gaming in our modern world. Facebook allows people of all ages and from all locations to play games together, and many of those players are moving beyond Facebook to see what else the online gaming world has to offer.